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Boat insurance can help protect you financially from the risks that accompany owning a boat. From injuries on board to damage during the off-season, boat insurance is one way boat owners can help manage their boating costs. Boating safety is paramount when minimizing your boating risk, but when that’s not enough, boat insurance can help lessen the financial burden.

 Our agent can help you understand what is and isn’t covered in your policy, as well as understand the types of coverages offered by your policy. For example, you’ll like have the option for replacement cost or cash value in the event of total loss, much like your home insurance policy.

While the best times on your boat are those spent on the water, your boat may see dry days if you ever transport or storeyour boat on land. Although it can depend on your state, generally when a boat is out of water, it is not covered by marine insurance! You’ll want to look to your existing insurance policies for coverage at those times. For example, if it is hitched to your car or truck, it may be covered by your auto policy. If it is parked on your property, your homeowners’ insurance will often trump the boat insurance.